Ketamine Therapy for Beginners - Common Questions

January 2, 2023

Ketamine for Beginners – Common Questions

You may have many questions going through your mind before and after starting your ketamine therapy. Some common questions include, “How will I feel during and after the infusion?”, “Are there any side effects?”, “Will this actually work for me?”. The last one we are not able to provide a definitive answer on for everyone, but we do have some insights and stats that will help inform your individual treatment for the best possible outcome. As for the “what to expect”, below are the most common experiences and side effects of Ketamine infusion therapy.

#1. Fatigue and Tiredness

           There are several factors that have an impact on your journey, including the dose. The higher the dose, the more fatigue or tired you may feel. Also, how you feel before the infusion my influence your experience, if you feel nervous, or extra tired before the infusion, you may feel more tired after your infusion. That is why we recommend our patients to have a good night rest before the infusion and not to watch negative media or movies since it may affect their experience.

#2. Nausea and Dizziness

           Just like any medication, side effects can happen. Nausea and dizziness are the most common for ketamine treatment. This will depend on the dose the patient will receive. Patients often describe feeling slightly “off” for several hours after the infusion. To help combat this side effect we administer anti-nausea and vomiting medicine to every patient prior to treatment.

#3. Feeling Vulnerable

           If you ever had a near death experience or are having trouble confronting painful old truths, you may feel vulnerable during your ketamine infusion. If you feel this way, it is important that you have someone to talk to afterwards like a therapist. Sometimes writing in a journal about your feelings can help to vent your emotions and better process everything. Our treatment includes access to an app that allows patients to provide daily journaling that can be private or shared with the provider.

#4. Feeling Peaceful and Inspired

           It is not only unwanted feelings that may appear after the infusion. In fact, you may feel inspired or peaceful. Often patients convey feeling “lighter” post-infusion.  Take advantage of the positive feeling and install new and healthy habits to your life and make the most out of these emotions.

#5. Feeling Introspective

Experiences such as near-death experiences or an out-of-body experience can lead you to have an epiphany.  You may realize things that can or will make you see life differently. We call this the “breakthrough moment”.  Typically, a patient will not experience this until later in their series as the dosage increases and the brain becomes more open to ego dilution.

Different Experiences

Ketamine infusion therapy is an unique journey for you and your body.  Your experiences and mindset during that journey will directly impact the outcomes of your treatment. Each person is different, and for this reason, each experience is different. We could make an extensive list about the possible experiences of ketamine therapy, but each journey will depend on the dose, settings, mind set and support you have. Remember to be open to the unknown and the possibility that what you experience is exactly what you need. Trust in the process and remember that sometimes changes requires a risk of the unknown.

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